Jamal Yunos disappears, say cops

The Sg Besar Umno chief vanished without completing his bail process.


KUALA LUMPUR: Controversial Umno leader Jamal Yunos is missing from the Ampang Puteri Medical Centre, hours after he was charged there with three offences today.

The Selangor Criminal Investigation Department said Jamal, who was being treated at the private hospital, had left the building while his bail documents were being prepared.

The magistrate has offered a bail of RM3,000 for each of the three offences he was charged with.

According to a police report lodged by an officer of the Shah Alam Magistrates Court, Jamal was not in his ward, and the policeman on duty was also missing.

“Only his lawyer and the bailor were around,” said the report.

The court officer was later informed that Jamal had left at 3pm, some five hours after the charges were read to him in the ward.

Contacted by FMT, Selangor CID director Fadzil Ahmat said Jamal was under the impression that he was already released.

“He was supposed to sign some forms. We will contact him. It’s a technical issue,” he said.

Jamal today claimed trial to a charge of causing public nuisance by smashing beer bottles with a sledgehammer in front of the Selangor state secretariat building last year.

He was charged under Section 290 of the Penal Code which carries a fine of RM400 on conviction.

He also faces two other charges related to firearms and rioting.


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