We don’t wish to close TV3, says Kit Siang

DAP supremo says a DAP MP's remark on having TV3 licence revoked was made simply out of frustration, and that it is not PH​ ​policy to shutdown any media organisation.

PETALING JAYA: DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang has denied claims that Pakatan Harapan wants to shut down TV3, which had been severely critical of the coalition’s partners and leaders when it was in opposition to Barisan Nasional.

His comments come in the wake of a posting by DAP’s Jelutong MP RSN Rayer on his Facebook page which called for TV3 not to be allowed to operate any more.

“It is compulsory for TV3’s broadcast licence to be immediately revoked by Pakatan Harapan as they are inciters (penghasut),” he had said.

In defending his party comrade’s posting, Lim said Rayer had explained that he was venting his personal frustrations at how TV3 had, in the past 10 years, vilified the Penang state government and the Penang chief minister. However, he would abide by the DAP and Pakatan Harapan policy on press freedom.

Lim said: “I, too, have been vilified and demonised by Umno,

BN leaders, propagandists and cyber troopers over my comments on the unspeakable misdemeanours and misdeeds by the former government.

“I do not think anyone can equal my frustrations at such lies, fake news and false information.

“But DAP and Pakatan Harapan leaders must set the tone for a new Malaysia, where there will be no place for vengeance and settling of scores, unless the law had been broken,” the Iskandar Puteri MP said in a statement today.

He called for all party leaders and members to realise what a great opportunity this was to re-set nation-building policies and directions after decades of repression.

“I believe top on the agenda of the PH government is to ensure press freedom in the country.

“As promised before, one of the first acts of the 14th Parliament would be to repeal the Anti-Fake News Act 2018, and the initiation of a consultation process with journalist and press organisations and NGOs as to how we can ensure press freedom in Malaysia.”

Rayer has since removed the posting and put up the above statement by Lim.

Earlier today, PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar said she would be working on getting the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 abolished.

“In 2010, I prepared a bill to abolish the PPPA and to institute a media council.

“It has been my commitment to ensure that media is free and fair in this country,” Nurul Izzah told reporters outside the Yayasan Albukhary building in Kuala Lumpur today.

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